How you can get cheap jewelries

When buying jewelries, there are many ways to save money. Before you go shopping for jewelries, you should be able to recognize the difference between an expensive jewelry and a cheap one. One of the reasons cheap jewelry doesn’t cost much because the gemstones that are set in it are of low quality. Stones that are cheap have lots of flaws. If a stone has more inclusions, then it is more likely that the stone will break if bumped. Gemstones that are cheap have inferior color. Also, stones that are used in cheap jewelry may be chipped.isla_280x-12

You will find fake diamonds in cheap jewelry. In fact, for imitation jewelries, sometimes no stones are used at all. What the jewelry makers do is put small droplets of metal on the surface of the jewelry to form the appearance of various small stones. If you look closely, you will understand the difference. If you don’t notice carefully, it might seem like a real diamond. Sometimes, the jewelry maker may add a few real diamonds and use metal droplets for the rest to make it appear more real. This way of dressing up cheap jewelry is not something unethical. You pay a cheaper price for it compared to the real ones.

One feature of cheap rings is that they have weak prongs. These can be easily damaged. Prongs hold the gemstone of the ring in its proper position. If these break or bend, the stone may fall off and break.The price of cheap jewelry is low as less metal is used to make the prongs, so they are thin. These prongs will get damaged quickly.

Gold jewelries become cheap when they contain less expensive metals. In the U.S. the minimum carat a gold piece of jewelry must have is 10 carats. Nickel is contained in most 10 carat gold jewelries. If you are allergic to nickel then you should be careful in choosing the jewelry. You should look for gold that is 14 carat or 18 carat.

If the ring body is thin, it means that less metal is used. So the ring will cost less. The body of a ring wears down as you keep on using them. Monogrammed jewelries can be expensive. But if you buy something that is made of cheap metal, then you can get it in a cheaper price. If you are looking where to buy cheap monogrammed necklace then you can read some online reviews on them. These reviews will give you some good recommendations. If you buy a jewelry to wear it everyday, then you shouldn’t buy a cheap jewelry.