Skippered yacht charter Croatia

ima-12Does a party get better than in a yacht? This is one of the best experience, but they are hard to buy especially if you do not lie on the shores. If you have a friend, a kid or family member who need their event taken to the net level, then consider skippered yacht charter Croatia.

After putting all the charter arrangement in place, the boat is like yours. The next big thing is customized the boat for that special event. Here are few facts that will help you prepare the boat for the party.

Start by ensuring the weather is convenient for an outdoor party. Carry along appropriate clothing and supplies as the weather might change. Get a copy of the rules and if crossing to another country, both country rules. Do not overlook the permit needed to be it for fishing, diving or other recreational activity.

Be equipped with maps and charts of the area you shall be touring. Ensure that the engine and other electrical and mechanical equipment are in a good working condition before sailing out. Make sure the oil and fuel are enough for the entire trip.

Ensure that you have enough water, food and protection from the scorching sun for you and the guests. Avoid drinking and boating at the same time. In our case, the skipper will do the job.

Carrying safety equipment for boating is highly recommended. Such equipment included life vest for every member and a functional fire extinguisher. If you bring along kids ad pet, carry special life vest with you. This vest is designed for every shape and size of a person and most animals.


A Mega Yacht can accommodate most entertainment.If there is a pool, this is the best place to party.Stock the boat with latest CD and FM radio technology for better music.

Book hotels in prior

If you are travelling far, it means that you will need to dock otherwise things will become monotonous on the boat. During the holidays most hotels are fully booked so to run things smoothly book a hotel and inform the guest so that they can do the same.

Every yacht company has its rules on what to do and not to do onboard. This should be clear to every guest, and the skipper will be there to ensure they are followed. If you think the rules are too tight, then it’s best advised that you find a company that suits your need or sign to cover any damages to the vessel.