Unique metal wall art

Any metal work is either crafted from bronze, gold, silver, iron or tin. It can also be made from alloys such as aluminium. Metal art can either be done for decorative purpose or to make cups, bowls and other kitchen utensils.

Importance of metal work

Humans are born with an instinctive desire to create and design things. This is done for a practical and aesthetic purpose. With time the abilities have improved with the importance of such metal work spreading into various fields.

Metal artwork dated back as far as an archaeologist can record .Metal tools are evidence in some of the earliest known civilisations. For example, the Egyptians had creative ways to decorate with metal objects. Most of such great treasures survive in the pyramids and catacombs. In Rome and Greece, there were beautiful statues cast in bronze, but most were a torture device.

imag-12Metal art of medieval period

The metal work got renewed life as part of artistic expression. It became standard to see elaborate curves and patterned metal hinges. Locksmith and other metal workers were prestigious and worked tirelessly to build ornate for decoration purpose.

Italian renaissance of metal art

There was and still reproduction if miniature of classical statues made during this era. Most of the metal was made for interior design, wall hangings. The process of such metal production was called lost wax. The result of the work was a sculpture whereby liquid bronze was added and left to cool.

The French followed suit and simultaneously made decorative metal arts. From the evidence, the French produced spectacular furniture, ornaments and cocks from either gold or bronze. Their precision in craftsmanship however got lost and declined by 19th century.

Metal arts in England and America

These two nations followed suit in using metal work for interior designing. In 17th century both America and England made iron hardware products. The design from England was more intricate than those of Americans. The American blacksmith was responsible for making functional pieces rather than making decorative pieces.

Eventually, ornaments, clocks, silverware become popular products worldwide. Metals are now used in a myriad of industries but remain of great value in making unique metal wall art. There is an option to choose when it comes to metal art for the wall. They are beautiful, durable and pocket-friendly. In fact, metal decoration can be used either for indoor or outdoor designs purpose.